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Star Trek – Into Darkness

Star Trek has longStarTrek_Logo_2007 been a popular franchise with a huge fan following. This is likely because it presents a positive outlook for the future. It says this is what we could be. This is our potential.

Movie Grand Heritage Spock

Movie Grand Heritage Spock

The Star Trek Original Series    was so popular that is has resulted in several spin-off shows: Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as eleven major motion pictures.

This May the 12th Star Trek film Star Trek – Into Darkness comes out in theatres.

Don’t miss your chance to purchase a lovely, high quality, heritage Star Trek Costume before they are all sold out in the wake of this popular film release.



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Firefly fan crafters BEWARE! Fox has a bee in their bonnets, their Jayne Cobb bonnets that is….

Jayne Hat

A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything

We know that many costumers and independent crafters are making Jayne Cobb hats…hats not only hats for their own Jayne costumes, but for friends, family members, and fellow fans.
What’s more fun than wearing the goofy chapeaux of Firefly’s resident bad ass?
Firefly fans can’t get enough, and now apparently they can’t have this either. There is a newly licensed Jayne Cobb hat which has been heralded by a flurry of cease and desist notices to Browncoats who make them for fun.
The full story is available here from our friends at themarysue blog.


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Who’s building with Worbla? Instagram of the day.


Mass Effect Armor with Worbla

See more of beckanoel’s work at:





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Who’s building with Worbla? Instagram of the day.


Sisters of Battle Armor – Warhammer




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Character Wig of the Day : Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

This week our character comes to us from the japan.

Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮 ハルヒ Suzumiya Haruhi?) is the  lovely and eccentric high school student that is the title character and female protagonist of the Haruhi Suzumiya series created by Nagaru Tanigawa.

A popular character among anime fans, ready-made cosplay costumes  of her signature school uniform can be easily obtained.

There are many economical base wigs available that are suitable for use when cosplaying Haruhi Suzumiya.

Here are two examples of wigs that can be easily styled for this cosplay.

China Doll Brown A

China Doll Brown A

The China Doll Wig comes in a few different varieties of brown. Slightly razor cut the bangs and ends to give a “natural” “real-world” appearance for this character.

angelina wig brown

angelina wig brown

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a link to a quick video example of a young lady razor cutting her synthetic wig.

A fuller, more cartoon option, is the Angelina wig in brown. Remove the excess length, and clip or razor the ends for Haruhi Suzumiya’s look. It’s also an incredibly economical wig complete with free shipping.


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Character Wig of the Day : Amy Pond



Amelia JessicaAmyPond is the insanely popular fictional character from thelong-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Amy is a companion of the series protagonist the

Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation.

Angela 750 Auburn

Angela 750 Auburn

To replicate Amy’s beautiful ginger hair why not try the Angela 750 in an auburn shade?

Best news? offers free shipping on this wig.

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Character Wig of the Day : Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas



sally costume

Super Deluxe Adult Sally costume

Today’s character is Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Sally is one of the most popularly cosplayed stop motion characters to date.

Here I’ll present two wig choices. One is  the officially licensed Sally wig which was released with the Deluxe Sally Costume. It is basically the standard Rag Doll Wig, with the pony tail ties removed.

This choice is good if you want to emphasis on a rag doll quality to your cosplay.

A wig style that is used popularly by cosplayers  such as the amazing Sally cosplayer ShlachinaPolina , pictured below is a more natural looking, long auburn wig with no bangs such as the Chez Coiffure 1417 or the Ashley 850, in red auburn and wine burgundy respectively.


Cosplayer ShlachinaPolina as Sally : Photo by Polina Raa

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Gloves for prom : Thinking about wearing gloves with your prom dress ?

We don’t often get the chance to dress up with formal gloves these days, so grab the chance when you can. Complete your prom outfit with a pair of sexy gloves. There are plenty to choose from here in a range of styles, colors and prices.

Whether you want to go modern with lace fingerless gloves or go for the more traditional classic look, there are a pair of gloves for you. Slipping on a pair of satin above elbow gloves is guaranteed to make you feel elegant while a pair of goth style lace gloves with a touch of the Southern Belle is particularly on trend right now.

There are styles from simple and traditional, to fabulous and fashion forward. If you are striving for an exceptionally stylized and artsy look, why not wear a simple, solid colored dress with inspired, flamboyant gloves that can be the pop in your ensemble?

I’ve used this page to offer some suggestions with different length gloves, fabrics and appeal.

elbow lenght gloves

Black or white elbow length gloves

burgundy gloves

Burgundy elbow length bridal satin gloves

shoulder length gloves

Shoulder length gloves in black, white, or red

gold gloves

Gold gloves

silver gloves

Silver gloves

Velveteen gloves

Velveteen gloves in black, white, or green

Glamour girl sequin gloves white

Glamour girl sequin gloves white

Glamour girl gloves pink

Glamour girl gloves pink

Black feather gloves

Black feather gloves

Black fingerless gloves

Black lace fingerless gloves

White lace fingerless gloves

White lace fingerless gloves

Lace short fingerless gloves in black or white

Lace short fingerless gloves in black or white

Traditional lace gloves in black or white

Traditional lace gloves in black or white

opera gloves

Opera gloves fuchsia, blue, navy, white, black, green, pink, aquamarine

Velvet gloves, purple, red, black, white

Velveteen gloves, purple, red, black, white


Many of these gloves for your prom dress also have free shipping so take advantage!

Browse all the gloves we currently have to offer at


video courtesy of formalsoflitchfield
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Cosplaying Hobbits

With the recent release of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, there has been an increase in questions about the finer details of transforming oneself into a hobbit….

…so with that in mind, here are some notes about the wig and makeup aspects of dressing up as a hobbit, that can take your hobbit appearance from good to great!



You’ve probably already got the basics of dressing like a hobbit down, (earth toned clothing, including yellows and greens which are a favorite of hobbits, heavy natural fibers, comfortable, vests, cloaks, knee length trousers, suspenders,  and so on), but what are the finer details that will transform your final look into a movie quality hobbit?


Unless you are blessed with thick locks of naturally curly hair, you might want to consider investing in a wig. Unless you are trying to emulate a specific hobbit, any natural hair colour should suffice. Wigs such as the Tina , or a trimmed up New Michael  would be good for boys. For girls the Curly Dolly  is an example of a nice basic wig choice.


“Ears only slightly pointed and ‘elvish” as Tolkin wrote in a letter to his editor. There are several ways to approach how to achieve the look of hobbit ears you would like.

When buying a pre-made ear tip prosthetic you have to keep in mind the size and shape of your own face. Keeping an ear proportional to the size of your own head is highly recommended, this someone with a larger head might need slightly larger ears. If you have a wider face you might want ears that protrude more at the sides, and so on.

Frodo ear

A view of Frodo’s ear.

A really good choice for hobbit makeups in the premade foam ears, for example the  Alien Ears which are smaller than elf ears and come unpainted and can be painted flesh tone to match your skin colour. I paint mine with grease/cream  flesh tone makeups such as those made by Ben Nye and Mehon, and then protect the colour with a castor sealer.

There are also a variety of pre-painted elf  and fantasy ears and of course the officially licences Lord of the Rings eartips which I am less of a fan of because they are hard and made of vinyl.

All of the ears listed above can be affixed to you own ears using either Spirit Gum or Prosthetic Adhesive.

An alternative to using foam, latex, or vinyl ears, is to sculpt on your own with molding wax which you can buy in a cup, stick, or block.


If you look at the photo at the top of this article you will notice that the Hobbits have furry, (or at least hairy), foot tops. This effect can easily be reproduced by painting the top of your foot with clear  liquid latex and then applying crepe hair. Crepe hair comes in a variety of colours so it will be easy to match the colour of your hair, (or you wig if you choose to wear one). Crepe hair can also be combines to make subtler shades of colour.

Not feeling crafty? There are official Lord of the Rings licensed “hobbit feet” shoes available as too.

Good luck with your hobbit costuming. I’d love to see photos of your results.

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Fabric Rotary Cutters


Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a fast way to cut accurate straight lines when used in conjunction with a rotary pad and rotary rulers.

Rotary cutting can be intimidating to the uninitiated but with a few instructions and tips it can be both safe and easy. Rotary cutting is a true time saver and makes such clean and accurate cuts that once you learn how to do it you’ll never look back!

A rotary cutter in its purist form is simply a circular blade, mounted on a handle. The blade stands proud from the handle when ready for cutting, and retracts when not in use. It accurately and quickly cuts both fabric and paper.

It is imperative to use a rotary cutting mat when cutting with a rotary cutter. This helps the cutter make clean cuts and protects the blade. A ruler is also recommended.

It is very important when cutting with a rotary cutter to keep your hand on the ruler but away from the edge as you don’t want the cutting tool to accidentally cut you! The blade is basically a round razor blade so it is VERY sharp.

You can cut thru multiple layers of fabric or a combination of fabric and paper which is very handy!


Using a Rotary Cutter – Advantages
replacement blades for rotary cutter

replacement blades for rotary cutters

1 – It can be used left or right handed
2 – You can cut forward AND backwards
3 – Cuts decorative shapes with slightly more control than scissors

4 – Can easily cut through a number of layers of fabric
5 – You can buy a guide arm that can be set for seam allowances

But of course, the rotary cutter is by no means perfect!

Using a Rotary Cutter – Disadvantages

1 – You MUST use a cutting mat
2 – The blades are VERY sharp and can cause injury
3 – Some blades DO NOT retract automatically
4 – It’s hard to ‘nip‘ into those smaller areas.

If blades eventually dull, you do not have to throw out the unit. Replacement blades can be purchased inexpensively.

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