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Character Wig of the Day : Amy Pond



Amelia JessicaAmyPond is the insanely popular fictional character from thelong-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Amy is a companion of the series protagonist the

Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation.

Angela 750 Auburn

Angela 750 Auburn

To replicate Amy’s beautiful ginger hair why not try the Angela 750 in an auburn shade?

Best news? offers free shipping on this wig.

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Cosplaying Hobbits

With the recent release of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, there has been an increase in questions about the finer details of transforming oneself into a hobbit….

…so with that in mind, here are some notes about the wig and makeup aspects of dressing up as a hobbit, that can take your hobbit appearance from good to great!



You’ve probably already got the basics of dressing like a hobbit down, (earth toned clothing, including yellows and greens which are a favorite of hobbits, heavy natural fibers, comfortable, vests, cloaks, knee length trousers, suspenders,  and so on), but what are the finer details that will transform your final look into a movie quality hobbit?


Unless you are blessed with thick locks of naturally curly hair, you might want to consider investing in a wig. Unless you are trying to emulate a specific hobbit, any natural hair colour should suffice. Wigs such as the Tina , or a trimmed up New Michael  would be good for boys. For girls the Curly Dolly  is an example of a nice basic wig choice.


“Ears only slightly pointed and ‘elvish” as Tolkin wrote in a letter to his editor. There are several ways to approach how to achieve the look of hobbit ears you would like.

When buying a pre-made ear tip prosthetic you have to keep in mind the size and shape of your own face. Keeping an ear proportional to the size of your own head is highly recommended, this someone with a larger head might need slightly larger ears. If you have a wider face you might want ears that protrude more at the sides, and so on.

Frodo ear

A view of Frodo’s ear.

A really good choice for hobbit makeups in the premade foam ears, for example the  Alien Ears which are smaller than elf ears and come unpainted and can be painted flesh tone to match your skin colour. I paint mine with grease/cream  flesh tone makeups such as those made by Ben Nye and Mehon, and then protect the colour with a castor sealer.

There are also a variety of pre-painted elf  and fantasy ears and of course the officially licences Lord of the Rings eartips which I am less of a fan of because they are hard and made of vinyl.

All of the ears listed above can be affixed to you own ears using either Spirit Gum or Prosthetic Adhesive.

An alternative to using foam, latex, or vinyl ears, is to sculpt on your own with molding wax which you can buy in a cup, stick, or block.


If you look at the photo at the top of this article you will notice that the Hobbits have furry, (or at least hairy), foot tops. This effect can easily be reproduced by painting the top of your foot with clear  liquid latex and then applying crepe hair. Crepe hair comes in a variety of colours so it will be easy to match the colour of your hair, (or you wig if you choose to wear one). Crepe hair can also be combines to make subtler shades of colour.

Not feeling crafty? There are official Lord of the Rings licensed “hobbit feet” shoes available as too.

Good luck with your hobbit costuming. I’d love to see photos of your results.

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Making Cyberlox Hairfalls



You’ve probably seen girls wearing those beautiful Cyberlox hair falls to raves, or anime cons, or online. Making your own Cyberlox hair falls is easy. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make your own.

What you will need:

  • Tubular Crin, (aka Cyberlox)
  • Covered elastic suitable for use in hair, or stretch lace.
  • Additional elements as desired; craft foam, beads, ribbon, wool roving, etc.


Measuring and preparing the crin

Tubular crin is springy and is essentially what is nowadays called ‘horsehair braid’ (no longer made of horsehair, it’s a synthetic) woven in a tubular shape.

Measure how long you want your falls to be; each piece of crin should be double this length.  Be careful not to stretch it as you’re cutting so you don’t end up with pieces that are too short!

Tubular crin can fray, so before constructing the falls you should take all your sections and finish the ends by turning the edges to the inside for a few centimeters. On large crin you can use your finger; for this mini crin I used the blunt end of a ballpoint pen to push the edges inside.

cyberlox knot

Cyberlox knot

Knotting the falls

Fold each piece of crin in half and loop it over the elastic, pulling the ends through the loop and tightening.  To avoid stretching the crin, pull tightly only near the elastic rather than from the ends.  If you pull this knot tightly enough it shouldn’t go anywhere. 🙂

Continue until you have a long enough strip to wrap around your bun or ponytail.

Adding additional elements

Craft foam (aka Foamies) is great for adding texture to cyber falls.  Other popular additions are ribbon, wool of different spun and unspun varieties, unstrung, strung and fused bead strands, marabou boas, etc.



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Sailor Moon Obsession

Accessories to help you cosplay one of the most beloved magical girls of all time.

Sailor Moon in her classic costume

If you grew up in the 90’s, you are probably familiar with he cartoon heroine known as Sailor Moon Her iconic costume, odango, and fighting stances are immediately recognizable and she is one of the most well known anime characters worldwide.

In addition to her cartoon series Sailor Moon has appeared in, manga, musicals, movies, and a live action television series. She has been immortalized in toys, t-shirts, household items, food items, and a plethora of other merchandise. Her popularity is so immense that there are innumerable websites and fan clubs dedicated to her and her sailor scout friends in all their incarnations.

With all this popularity, it’s no wonder that Sailor Moon is a popular choice with cosplayers!

Thinking you might  want to dress up as Sailor Moon yourself? Below are a few accessories to help bring your Sailor Moon cosplay to life.



Do you remember the iconic odango, (those buns with pigtails),  I mentioned earlier? Sailor Moon

Sailor moon inspired wig from
(click here for details)

has  almost inhumanly long hair, so when the cartoon series first aired cosplayers would have to self style wigs, sometimes having to chop up multiple wigs to achieve the look of Sailor Moon’s golden locks. Fortunately as her popularity grew, companies started producing reasonably priced pre-styled wigs such as the one pictured on the right.


We all know that sewing gloves can be a pain. Purchasing a basic pair of white opera gloves and adding to them is an easy way to work toward making Sailor Moon’s gloves. If you’re a thrifty cosplayer, I recommend adding sew on snaps to the top of the gloves so you can add and remove them at will. This way you can utilize your white gloves for other cosplay costumes you may have.


Sailor Moon inspired Boots

Sailor Moon inspired Boots
(click here for details)


Sailor Moon sports a pair of  beautiful, kick your butt, boots that many a fan has dreamt of wearing. Unfortunately custom boots an be very challenging to make for the novice or casual cosplayer.  Fortunately just as with wigs, as Sailor Moon’s popularity grew companies started offering real life versions of boots  resembling  Ms. Moon’s.



Sailor Moon Jewellry

Sailor Moon’s Jewellery

If you’re looking for finishing touches, fashioning Sailor Moon’s iconic moon jewellery from chandelier crystals or golden cubic zirconia crystal pendants is an elegant option. Beautiful glass oval Cabochons can be used to finish her tiara and boot tops.


Those big, blue, anime eyes may seem impossible to attain, but you can create amazing illusions with copious amounts of cleverly placed eyeliner, false eyelashes, and blue anime contact lenses. Sadly makeup is often the most overlooked aspect of costuming. Adding a full makeup can make a good cosplay into a great cosplay!

This is just a taste of what is available to the Sailor Moon Cosplayer and by no means a complete list. There are a wide variety of items available, and each person will have their own preferences when choosing to recreate the look of this magical girl. Perhaps you’d like a wig with longer pigtails and the red odango jewellery already attached? Perhaps you would like your wig to be a more natural blonde instead of a cartoon yellow? Perhaps you would like your boot with a chunky or lower heel?  There are so many choices and it’s up to you which are the right ones for your Sailor Moon obsession.

"Bye for now!"

“Bye for now!”


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