Sailor Moon Obsession

Accessories to help you cosplay one of the most beloved magical girls of all time.

Sailor Moon in her classic costume

If you grew up in the 90’s, you are probably familiar with he cartoon heroine known as Sailor Moon Her iconic costume, odango, and fighting stances are immediately recognizable and she is one of the most well known anime characters worldwide.

In addition to her cartoon series Sailor Moon has appeared in, manga, musicals, movies, and a live action television series. She has been immortalized in toys, t-shirts, household items, food items, and a plethora of other merchandise. Her popularity is so immense that there are innumerable websites and fan clubs dedicated to her and her sailor scout friends in all their incarnations.

With all this popularity, it’s no wonder that Sailor Moon is a popular choice with cosplayers!

Thinking you might  want to dress up as Sailor Moon yourself? Below are a few accessories to help bring your Sailor Moon cosplay to life.



Do you remember the iconic odango, (those buns with pigtails),  I mentioned earlier? Sailor Moon

Sailor moon inspired wig from
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has  almost inhumanly long hair, so when the cartoon series first aired cosplayers would have to self style wigs, sometimes having to chop up multiple wigs to achieve the look of Sailor Moon’s golden locks. Fortunately as her popularity grew, companies started producing reasonably priced pre-styled wigs such as the one pictured on the right.


We all know that sewing gloves can be a pain. Purchasing a basic pair of white opera gloves and adding to them is an easy way to work toward making Sailor Moon’s gloves. If you’re a thrifty cosplayer, I recommend adding sew on snaps to the top of the gloves so you can add and remove them at will. This way you can utilize your white gloves for other cosplay costumes you may have.


Sailor Moon inspired Boots

Sailor Moon inspired Boots
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Sailor Moon sports a pair of  beautiful, kick your butt, boots that many a fan has dreamt of wearing. Unfortunately custom boots an be very challenging to make for the novice or casual cosplayer.  Fortunately just as with wigs, as Sailor Moon’s popularity grew companies started offering real life versions of boots  resembling  Ms. Moon’s.



Sailor Moon Jewellry

Sailor Moon’s Jewellery

If you’re looking for finishing touches, fashioning Sailor Moon’s iconic moon jewellery from chandelier crystals or golden cubic zirconia crystal pendants is an elegant option. Beautiful glass oval Cabochons can be used to finish her tiara and boot tops.


Those big, blue, anime eyes may seem impossible to attain, but you can create amazing illusions with copious amounts of cleverly placed eyeliner, false eyelashes, and blue anime contact lenses. Sadly makeup is often the most overlooked aspect of costuming. Adding a full makeup can make a good cosplay into a great cosplay!

This is just a taste of what is available to the Sailor Moon Cosplayer and by no means a complete list. There are a wide variety of items available, and each person will have their own preferences when choosing to recreate the look of this magical girl. Perhaps you’d like a wig with longer pigtails and the red odango jewellery already attached? Perhaps you would like your wig to be a more natural blonde instead of a cartoon yellow? Perhaps you would like your boot with a chunky or lower heel?  There are so many choices and it’s up to you which are the right ones for your Sailor Moon obsession.

"Bye for now!"

“Bye for now!”