Worbla thermoplastic

Introducing Worbla’s Finest Art – the thermoplastic and modelling material!

worbla and wonderflex

worbla and wonderflex being formed into armor by cosplayer Kamui. www.kamui.com

How to use Worbla modelling material:

Use hot air, water or steam (min 90°C) to bring this plastic to the shape you want to. The material is alterable by heat anytime so you can start a project, let it cool, and then continue working on it by reheating it later.

The scraps of worbla can be blended to 100%, so almost no waste at all incurs.
These leftovers can be molded just like putty or almond paste.
It hardens very fast, is manually grindable and because of the extra glue on the shiny side, it is very easy to attach the several layers.
Hence you can decide to work with more layers right from the beginning or to line thin parts plus e.g. ornaments can be attached easy as pie.

Almost everything is possible with this material for creative people.
Detailed surfaces & masks, armor and ornaments, replicas of blades or gems plus even costume jewellery, figurines as well as all kind of decorations.

You can varnish Worbla’s Finest Art with all kind of effect spray-paints and acrylics. Therefore, a plastic primer or other base coats can be useful!

Both Wonderflex and Worbla are available at www.cosplaysupplies.com