Character Wig of the Day : Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas



sally costume

Super Deluxe Adult Sally costume

Today’s character is Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Sally is one of the most popularly cosplayed stop motion characters to date.

Here I’ll present two wig choices. One is  the officially licensed Sally wig which was released with the Deluxe Sally Costume. It is basically the standard Rag Doll Wig, with the pony tail ties removed.

This choice is good if you want to emphasis on a rag doll quality to your cosplay.

A wig style that is used popularly by cosplayers  such as the amazing Sally cosplayer ShlachinaPolina , pictured below is a more natural looking, long auburn wig with no bangs such as the Chez Coiffure 1417 or the Ashley 850, in red auburn and wine burgundy respectively.


Cosplayer ShlachinaPolina as Sally : Photo by Polina Raa