Swarovski Elements Spring/Summer 2014 Trend Report


SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ mega trend for Spring/Summer 2014 has been identified as ‘The Female Shift’. Today’s woman defies labels and definitions. She is multifaceted, assuming many roles across science and literature, politics and economics. For this reason, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ inspirations and innovations for Spring/Summer 2014 are a tribute to the many facets of modern woman, celebrating her in all her guises.


Looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2014, four themes emerge:

MINIMALIST REFINEMENT (Classic) is defined by sculptural silhouettes trimmed with crystal in monochrome shades, including the new Light Silk.

The earthiness of FORCE OF NATURE (Romantic) is captured in vibrant, organic fabrics, using colors such as new Crystal Rose Gold.

POETIC RADIANCE (Progressive) radiates adventure, technology, and poetry in high-tech metallic and pearly synthetics.

MYTHICAL ALLURE (Glamour) exudes ethereal beauty in sensual, opulent materials.


Let’s take a closer look at my favorite colour trend, Force of Nature.










Ornamented, sophisticated surfaces and multicolored crystals are found in abundance.

Stylized geometric flowers are mixed together with crystal and patterns to create a modern form of art.

Crystal is intertwined and wrapped to create striking statement pieces.

Delicate florals burst forth from vibrant backgrounds.

Crystal shimmers and shines in figurative formats, offering a glimpse into a garden of secret delights.

Motif-driven transfers appear at first naive, but are blended together to create sophisticated and subtle patterns.

Combination of small and medium crystals showcase intricate designs.


I hope this inspires you in your crafting endeavours!  You can see our entire line of Swarovski crystals here.