Month: April 2013

Star Trek – Into Darkness

  Star Trek has long been a popular franchise with a huge fan following. This is likely because it presents a positive outlook for the future. It says this is what we could be. This is our potential. The Star Trek Original Series    was so popular that is has resulted in several spin-off shows: Star Read More

Firefly fan crafters BEWARE! Fox has a bee in their bonnets, their Jayne Cobb bonnets that is….

We know that many costumers and independent crafters are making Jayne Cobb hats…hats not only hats for their own Jayne costumes, but for friends, family members, and fellow fans. What’s more fun than wearing the goofy chapeaux of Firefly’s resident bad ass? Firefly fans can’t get enough, and now apparently they can’t have this either. Read More

Some great videos on using Worbla!

Today we have a couple of videos all about using  the popular thermoplastic, Worbla’s Finest Art!   First, an AnimeConsTV episode about Worbla, by Shiva and Sketch.   And second, we have a “Super Awesome Worbla Tutorial” by the amazing Bethany Maddock. Enjoy! Read More