Holtzmann’s Iconic Screw U Necklace

The summer movie hit Ghostbusters has already inspired cosplay based on the new characters and designs, and the fan favorite has to be Holtzmann – played by the fantastic Kate McKinnon – who has several iconic looks throughout the movie.

One piece of official Ghostbusters merchandise we’ve brought in for cosplayers is Holtzmann’s iconic necklace – a pewter toned ‘U’ with a screw drilled through it on an 18″ chain. It’s sold out almost everywhere – and we have limited stock ourselves! Once it’s gone, we have no idea when a second batch will be made.
The necklace is available while supplies last for $25 including shipping and you can see the product listing on our site here.

We have the stock on hand which means I was able to get a close look at the piece: it’s solid metal and a fun piece to wear normally if you want to show your fandom. The chain is just long enough that the pendant sits about 2 inches below my collarbone – but the pendant can easily be switched to a different chain.

Need a refresher on how awesome Holtzmann was? Here’s an official feature on her. And if you haven’t seen the gag reel on the DVD and Blue-Ray? I highly suggest you check those out.