Interview with Becka Noel from Cosplay Melee

We got a chance to talk to Becka Noel about her episode of Cosplay Melee, War Games!

First of all, congrats on your episode! I have to admit I was rooting for you the hardest because I am a Star Trek Nerd, and you really did look like something from the universe!

Haha, Star Trek forever! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

8 hours is not a lot of time! You managed to create something really huge in that timeframe, and it looked really lightweight and well balanced. How heavy was your Genesis and did you have any issues with it that the show cut out?
Thanks! The Genesis was actually pretty lightweight. I carved it out of a very lightweight pink insulation foam and attached the spikes using…Worbla! It is also connected to my breastplate with big straps made of EVA foam that was wrapped in worbla. The most difficult part of building the genesis was probably attaching it to my breastplate. It was a little more complicated since we had to build the weapons for the first challenge and then go back and somehow attach them to our costumes. Because of the way my straps were initially built, I actually had to rip them off and redo them so they would fit into my breastplate properly, which used A LOT of my time.

As a fellow floor-worker, I thought it was great you had so much floor space to use for your build! Did anyone from the show try to encourage you to use the tables, or did they let you work as you needed to?
Haha! At first, they asked me why I was on the floor instead of using the nice huge table and I explained how I work at home and they understood. However, it wasn’t the easiest to film me on the floor, so they did eventually ask me to work at my table. I guess I do need to get used to working at a table at some point, haha.

I know from another interview that the makeup was done by a MUA, but did you design the look yourself? It was really striking!
I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re actually allowed to go into detail about the makeup, but yes, I did design my look! And thanks! 🙂

You used Worbla for your spine and chestplate, but of course the magic of TV editing mean we don’t always get to see the full build. Where else was Worbla used on your costume?
I used Worbla everywhere! My breastplate, Genesis, pauldron, bracers, thight, shin and shoe armor were all Worbla. I also used Worbla as a construction tool to “glue/attach” various pieces together.

What other work have you done with Worbla? Do you have a favorite costume you’ve constructed with it?
I have many Worbla armor cosplays! I’ve loved working with Worbla since I discovered it before it was even available in the US! A few of my favorite cosplays that I made with Worbla are Ame-Comi Wonder Woman, my original designed mashup characters, Goddess Warrioe Pinkie Pie, and Valkyrie Eevee, Sejuani and Red Riding Hood!

Did working on Cosplay Melee inspire you to any new or bigger projects? Anything you were scared to try that you want to dive into next?

Yes! I feel almost invincible now after Cosplay Melee, haha. Like I can start a new costume and finish it in record time! I also want to make bigger and more detailed things in the future. Cosplay Melee was and is incredibly inspiring. From my own episode to all of my castmates’ episodes, it’s a really special and invigorating feeling.

Last question: What advice would you give cosplayers who want to participate in next season’s Cosplay Melee?
Even if you’re scared or don’t think you’re up to a certain level, GO FOR IT! What do you have to lose? If you don’t make it, try again next time! I wasn’t even going to applyto be on Cosplay Melee and the only reason I did was because my friend, Jackie (episode two) convinced me to. It’s easy to measure your true talent lower than what it is. But believe me, you’ve got it, you just have to give it a shot.


You can find more of Becka’s work at her Facebook! Becka Noel!