Interview with Jacqueline Goehner from Cosplay Melee!

We had the chance to interview Jacqueline Goehneron her experience with Cosplay Melee and her work as a Cosplayer!

First of all, congrats on your episode and being chosen for Cosplay Melee! Your work is always wonderful and it was a treat to see you work ‘live’.
Awe!!! Thank you so much! It was such an incredible experience!

So first question: I know what Moe is, but I never remember the rest of the random titles for characteristics. Did they explain those to you off screen if you didn’t know/offer to explain, or was there the assumption you all knew the terms?
There was an assumption that we knew all the terms, but I’ve been explained before that “Moe” was a cute, feminine, innocent person or rather something or being precious. I’ve also heard of different sub-variations of Moe, like being submissive or shy or coy.

Photo by Paul Tien

For your staff, you put that together so fast and so *large* it was really impressive! When working with expanding foam and caulk, are there any general pointers you’d give cosplayers who want to emulate that effect?
Thank you! Actually, it’s important to know your materials and how well they work. The expanding foam can cure pretty quickly if you don’t overdo it. So do thinner layers if you’re in a time crunch! And caulk is very much like working with frosting! (It looks like frosting too!) It can be smoothed down, but It can also take on some really amazing texture without going overboard on work. Again, you have to make sure you get the kind that cures faster and can be painted, or you’ll end up with some big problems!

Your final costume had so many parts! Could you breakdown the whole thing? I feel like they didn’t show enough of your construction to really give us a sense of your underpinnings and layers.
Haha! There was so much to ALL of our costumes that they didn’t cover, but it’s an hour long show! So from head to boot: lavender and silver streaked wig, flower hair pieces connect with chain (shown in the back), elf ears, purple breastplate accented with gold also with iridescent fairy wings attached, white bodice, cincher (unseen), pink and magenta floral lacing and embroidery fabric, multi-colored pick-up pleated skirt with train, stripped gold tulle petticoat, six floating elongated purple faulds (skirt armor), and gold with purple lace painted boots. I think that’s it lol!

I loved the way your Worbla breastplate framed your chest! It was super flattering. What other projects have you used Worbla in? Do you have any you are especially proud of?
Thank you! I was already in love with Worbla, but I had only used it on smaller pieces or smaller parts if armor. I’ve used Worbla for my Zelda armor, for my upcoming Samus Varia suit (and I just ran out of Worbla *cries*), I’ve used a good chunk of it for my Borg cosplay (the breastplate and stabilizing other parts of the costume), Ganondorf’s headpiece, Vampirella’s armband, and other characters…too many to list!

Speaking of your chest- I mean, if I may – you do a lot of revealing costumes and photosets, and part of your introduction was about being confident in yourself – which you absolutely rock! That said – did SyFy tell you that they wanted a certain amount of skin covered for TV? Were there any guidelines everyone was expected to follow?
haha, thank you girl!!! Confidence is a big important factor in cosplay. SyFy was well aware of my revealing costumes, but they never ever told me what I couldn’t design. They were equally supportive with all of us of what we wanted to do. It’s funny though, I’m known for the more revealing characters, but I’ve done more conservative cosplays than revealing! Maybe 5 or 6 revealing cosplays out of 80+ costumes. So being covered up wasn’t out of the norm for me LOL!

Photo by William D Lee Photography

Your profile says you’ve done work for different productions – anything we might recognize that has your name attached? Any productions you are especially proud of being a part of (besides Melee of course!)
Yes! The last film I costume designed for was The Curse of Sleeping Beauty which came out last year I believe, I’m very proud of my work there! I’ve also made costumes for SMOSH, Anovos, Disney, and many others.

Do you have a dream costume still on your bucket list?
actually I’m working on TWO dream costumes! My Samus varia suit and my Angelus costume (animatronic WINGS!!!!!!!!!), one of which involves a LOT of Worbla!

The shop had so many tools and supplies – was there anything you wished you could take home with you?
OMG yes! If I could’ve, I would’ve taken ALL the Worbla and L200, the cutting mats (I go through those quick), drawing table, work table, I have a vacuform, but the one they had there was much bigger, I’d also take the ENTIRE electronics section (SO many goodies in there that I wanted!)….and yeah, basically the whole space! Paul and I talked that if either of us ever won the lottery, we would recreate that space! I’m sure Meesha and Jessie are in the same boat!

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

Lastly: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to compete in Cosplay Melee season 2?
Have fun! This competition is a boat load of work, but if you have fun with it, it’ll be rewarding no matter what the outcome! Also, practice with your materials and tools prior. It helps cut out the stress if something doesn’t go right and it’ll really help!


You can see more of Jacqueline’s work on her facebook!