Interview with Meesha / Kyuu Vixen Cosplay from Cosplay Melee!

We were lucky to interview Meesha of Kyuu Vixen Cosplay about her episode of Cosplay Melee and talk a bit about the experience!

Your dragon was such a great idea, and I loved the way you built up layers with Worbla and Foam. Have you used Worbla on other projects? What are you most proud of?

Luckily this was not my first encounter with using Worbla, while I was on Cosplay Melee. I tend to use fabric and various types of foam for most of my creative processes. Though I have used thermoplastics here and there, for various projects. Usually having to do with some type of armor or prop making. One of my favorite builds of mine, while using a mix of foam and Worbla. Similar to the sandwiching and shaping like was shown on the show, would be my Diablo cosplay from Diablo III. It was my first full bodied reptile-like creature costume, which took 4-5 months to build but I had to get very inventive with the process while working on the cosplay.

The magic of TV editing means we don’t always get to see issues with a build – was there anything you had issues with on your dragon that they didn’t show?

Making any cosplay wouldn’t be complete without having some sort of road block of course. Making an original character can be a bit of a task in itself but while under pressure while a clock is ticking can be even harder and leave a person a bit flustered while making blueprints of their character. My trouble was that accidentally ordered too small of PVC piping, and made the Dragon skull a bit too large while jotting down patterns in my foam and worbla. So my staff became a bit too top heavy. As a competition judge myself, I knew that was something that my panel of judges would “ding” me for. Which of course they did, but I completely understood.
Other then that, the skull staff was supported on the PVC piping by a cone that I had created. While screwing the skull onto the cone shape, I did have to be careful and have a very steady hand. As to not pierce the screw completely through the sandwich layers of worbla, but just enough to keep it tight and a bit of extra glue to reinforce the mounted skull.

What inspired you to participate in Cosplay Melee? Would you go back for another round if they invited you?

The casting director actually reached out to me very early on, as my information was kept. After I applied for “Heroes of Cosplay”‘s first season. Which when speaking to the casting director, the premise of this new cosplay related show was going to be focused on the craft. Which is what really interested me, as I am more about the positivity in the community and sharing similar interests with other inventive people. It was a bit of a risk, but definitely was worth every minute of it.

I absolutely would love to go back for another season, gotta show how much I have been working on my prop making skills since the end of the show. It really inspired me to reach out a bit more into my community and speak to people who do focus their skills more in this area, and in exchange I have been offering more sewing techniques to my friends.

Going on a professional set can be a bit intimidating at first, even though I have acted for roles either in competitions or for theater. Nothing really can prepare you for television till you are actually standing there. Once I got to speaking to other people, it really relaxes you. Also reality television really makes it a bit easier, all you have to do is be yourself. That’s why you are there, because you were chosen because the producers for the network liked your personality.

I actually didn’t know any of my fellow contestants, but really hit it off with them the moment we all met. Also having a nice reunion a few months later when I was in California for the “Talking Dead.” #teamhardicehorses #sandstorm

Has being part of Cosplay Melee inspired you to take on new projects? Is there a dream costume in the works for you now?

Being on the show really did remind me a bit more on why I love doing what I do. Kinda was little an invigorating feeling that really amps you up for creating more projects that may have been on a “list” for a while. Some projects that I am currently working on for Anime Expo is Revali from Legend of Zelda-Breath of the Wild and Bayonetta’s main skin from Bayonetta 2. I do know that eventually, my dream project would be making an EVA from Neon Gensis Evagelion, more specifically Rei Ayaname’s EVA Unit.

Photo by WeNeals

The workshop is really out of a cosplayer’s dream – were there any tools or supplies you wish you could have taken back with you?

Common, of course I am going to say EVERYTHING. I’d take the whole lot please!

Photo by WeNeals

Lastly: What advice would you give someone who wants to apply for the next season of Cosplay Melee?

Well aspects of season 2 might change, so what advise that I can offer for future contestants would be that you do not know what the staff is looking for in future contestants. Remember to be yourself always, they like you to be real for reality television. The judging is not as difficult in my opinion compared to large convention competitions. There is a time constraint but they are not judging for accuracy, looking up close at every detail, so your construction does not need to be flawless.