A New Book from Kamui: Advanced Lights – Animated LEDs

Kamui Cosplay has written many books teaching various tips and tricks and foundation skills for cosplay, and her book Advanced Lights – Animated LEDs is her most recent entry!

LEDs can be intimidating, and even once you have the basics of creating a circut down, there’s so much more that you could do if you have the right tools and techniques. Kamui covers everything about working with animated RGB LED strips and how to create mesmerizing light effects for your props and cosplays. She also walks you through choosing the right materials, soldering microcontroller circuits, ‘programming’ your very first LED strip and of course building it into your costume!

It’s a perfect follow up to her original Book of Cosplay Lights and the best part is this book is still for beginners! No programming knowledge required to follow along.

You can find Kamui’s newest book available here for $28 – or $22 when purchased with Worbla!