Deer Ears Tutorial using L200 Foam

Tutorial by: Puppichu Cosplay

In this tutorial I have broken up the ears and antlers for those who may only need one or the other. This tutorial was designed to create my Snow Fawn Poppy character from League of Legends, but the same principles can be applied for many different kinds of ears and antlers. First up… Making the ears! (If you want to skip to just the antlers, go here)

Remember to always use proper safety equipment such as safety glasses, respirators, gloves, ear protection, ventilation, and cutting matts while following this tutorial. Also remember to ask for supervision if you are a younger reader. Cosplay can be a fun hobby, but make sure you are safe first!



Print this pattern on a 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper
PDF – Poppy Ear and Antler Pattern Sheet

Ear Materials

¼” L200 foam (Get it from Cosplay Supplies here)
Inner ear color fur (white)
Outer ear color fur (brown)
Plastic Headband
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Heat gun
Scissors or exacto knife
Needle and thread
Marker or pen

First, trace the pattern on your ¼” L200 foam with your pen. If you need your pattern to stay put you can also push some pins through the pattern into the foam. Then cut your ear pattern out with a pair of scissors or an exacto knife. Then flip your pattern and cut out a second ear (1 Left and 1 Right).

Mark on your foam where the fold line will be. This will become the part of the ear that folds over to make the hollow.

Next apply heat with your heat gun to where the fold line is. Be careful not to scorch the foam. Keep the gun moving over the surface and don’t apply it too close. Once the foam is warm bend the foam at your fold line marks and wait for it to cool before releasing.


Now you can use your foam as a pattern to cut your fur. Make sure you have the nap (direction) of the fur the right way! You want the direction of the fur to flow from the base of the ear to the tip. Use a pen or marker to trace around your foam ear. Make sure to cut the fur a bit larger so you can wrap it around the foam. Do this for both your outer and inner fur colors and also remembering to flip your foam ears the right directions (1 Left ear and 1 Right ear).

TIP: When you cut fur, flip the fur so that it is fur side down/canvas side up. Use the tip of the scissors to make tiny cuts which only cut the canvas. Try your best to split your scissors through the fur so that you don’t cut it off bluntly.

Use your hot glue to apply a bit of glue to the top of the backside of your foam ear and stick it to the canvas of the outer fur color (brown). Use more glue to stick down the rest of the ear working from the top of the ear to the bottom.

TIP: Cut the tip of the outer fur off. This will make it easier and less bulky  to fold over later.

Apply glue to the edge of the foam ear and start to roll over the fur to the inside of the ear. You can always use a pair of scissors to clean up or even out the fur edge to make it nicer before glueing it down.

Using your glue gun again, apply glue to the tip or the inner fur color (white) and stick it down to the tip of the foam ear. Glue this fur down similar to how you glued the outer ear, starting at the top and down to the base. If you cut this piece larger than your foam ear like me, it will most likely be more fur than you need. As you glue the fur down to the edge, use your scissors to also cut it smaller and clean up this edge.

Now that your ears are all furred the only step left is attaching them to wear on your head. My ears were later attached to another piece of L200 foam inside my hood; however, if you need a simpler system a plastic headband is a great option. Hot glue the base of your ears and stick them to the sides of your headband. To make sure your ears are extra secure, use a needle and thread to hand stitch them in place to the headband.

Enjoy your new pair of ears!

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