Magma Lux Staff using L200 and LED Foam

Tutorial by: Puppichu Cosplay

In this tutorial I’ll go over how to make Magma Lux’s staff from League of Legends. This staff will feature animated LED lights, and also be able to disassemblable for travel.

Remember to always use proper safety equipment such as safety glasses, respirators, gloves, ear protection, ventilation, and cutting matts while following this tutorial. Also remember to ask for supervision if you are a younger reader. Cosplay can be a fun hobby, but make sure you are safe first!


Print this pattern on a 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper
PDF – Magma Lux Staff Pattern Sheet

Ear Materials

¼” L200 foam
¼” LED foam
1/16” Clear Acrylic Sheet
¾” PVC Pipe
2 Male ¾” PVC Pipe Adapters
2 Female ¾” PVC Pipe Adapters
PVC Glue
Epoxy Glue
Foam Clay
Hand Saw
Scroll Saw
Painter’s tape
Airbrush with Red/Yellow/Black/Dark Purple Acrylic paint
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Heat gun
Exacto knife
Marker or pen

Download Magma Lux Staff LED Code
LED NeoPixel Strip lighting
Solder iron and solder
Red Wire
3 pin JST connectors
Arduino Nano Microcontroller
4 rechargeable AA batteries and battery holder
Heat shrink

First, trace the patterns on your ¼” L200 and ¼” LED foam with your pen. If you need your pattern to stay put you can also push some pins through the pattern into the foam. Then cut your staff pattern out with a pair of scissors or an exacto knife. Repeat this again until you should have 4 sets (eight sides) in total cut.

The pattern sheets will show where you will need to make mountain and valley cuts. To make these, mark with your pen where the cut will be. Use your exacto knife to cut at a 45 degree angle halfway through the foam. Do this to both sides of the line. This will take a triangular piece of foam out, without cutting all the way through the foam. For mountain cuts, take the foam out from the backside of the foam. For Valley cuts, take the foam out from the top side of the foam. Be careful when cutting that you have two mirrored pieces (opposites). This is so you can attach them back to back. Do this so you will have two sets of each direction. Once cut, hot glue these mountain and valley cuts together.

Take your L200 foam piece and hot glue its edge to the top edge of the LED foam piece. Do this for the opposite direction set as well. You should have 2 sets of each.

For the center circle of the staff use some ¼” LED foam. Heat the foam up with your heat gun, and stretch the hot foam over a small round form. Then cut the shaped dome into a circle that will fit between the two side foam pieces.

Cut your ¾” PVC pipe into 3 sections with a handsaw. Two pieces at 14.5 cm (5.7 inch) and one piece at 22.5 cm (8.9 inch). Layout your pipe sections with your adapters. Attach the female ends to the ends of the middle section (22.5 cm). Attach the male ends to the end of one side of the smaller section (14.5 cm). Having both ends of the staff the same adapter allows you to attach them to the middle section on either end for convenience. Follow the direction on your PVC glue and then glue these adapters in place.

Trace out the acrylic pattern onto the 1/16” acrylic sheet. Apply painters tape to the line. This is very important to be able to cut the acrylic! If you don’t do this the acrylic will chip and crack and not cut properly! Next set up your scroll saw to the recommended settings for acrylic. If you aren’t sure, then start slow and work your speed up to a comfortable setting. Carefully cut out your acrylic sheet. Once cut, use epoxy to glue the acrylic to the ends of the staff PVC pipe (short section, on the side without the adapter).



In this tutorial I will not be going over the basic theory behind Ohm’s law. If you want to learn this information yourself I suggest you check out Kamui Cosplay’s books on LED lights or head over to the Adafruit webpage. You will need a firm grasp of these concepts before starting this project. You can use whatever different lighting and resistor combinations you can find available to you, this is just what I used for my setup.

Here is a diagram of my circuit for the staff end lights. When you create your circuit, use your JST connectors where you need to be able to disconnect your lights easily in the staff. This is so you will still be able to take apart the staff into 3 pieces for travel/storage. Use hot glue to attach the strip lights to the inside of the L200 foam pieces.

I used AA batteries to supplies my lights; therefore, I soldered my cases together in a line to fit in the PVC staff. Solder all positive wires (2 JST wires, 1 battery wire, and 1 wire for the microcontroller) together. Solder all negatives in the same way together.. Lastly, solder all data wires together (2 JST wires and 1 wire for the microcontroller). When attaching to the microcontroller, attach the positive wire to “5V”, the negative wire to “Ground”, and the Data to “D10”. Test your circuit to ensure all connections are working.



After glueing your circuitry, glue the foam pieces to your cut Acrylic sheet ends. For the bottom foam piece slide the end into the inside of the PVC pipe. Lastly, use some foam clay to fill in and smooth the gap between the PVC and the L200 foam. You can also use the foam to fill any gaps between the outsides of the top foam pieces. You should now have a fully assembled staff end.

Use your airbrush to first add a light layer of yellow onto the LED foam portions of your staff ends. Then use some red acrylic paint in your airbrush to gradually add some red gradient. The edges will be more red, while the center will be yellow.

Then paint the L200 Foam piece with a mix of black and dark purple.

Paint the middle staff section red, while the end section will be a mix of the black and purple you used for the L200 pieces earlier. Paint the detail connectors on the staff gold. Use painter’s tape to mask off any areas needed.

Congratulations! Your staff is now complete!