Month: October 2018

Worbla’s Pearly Art Scales Dragon Bracer Tutorial

Tutorial by Bamzy Cosplay Worbla’s Pearly Art Scales The next member of the Worbla family is Worbla’s Pearly Art Scales! These scales apply and act in the same way the Pearly Art Worbla does when applied with heat and used on foam or with other Worbla products. They become soft and malleable, can attach themselves to Read More

Saragosa Dragon Crown with L200 Foam and Worbla

Tutorial by Jenna Elise Cosplay Materials needed: – L200 Foam – Worbla (Black and Crystal Art) – Drawing paper – Insulation Foam – Pins – Sandpaper – Utility knife – Duct Tape – Sharpie – Scissors – Wood Burning Tool – Plasti Dip – Wax Paper – Fairy Lights (or whatever LED’s you choose) – Read More