Month: June 2019

Camilla Armored Shoe Cover Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

How to Make Camilla’s Armored Shoe Covers Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay. Photography credits to AllieCat Cosplay and Lafeetz Photography. Start with a comfortable shoe. Cover shoe with plastic wrap to protect shoe. Cover shoe with packing tape. Draw on details with marker. Cut out sections of the armor from that pattern. Create a ½ inch Read More

Camilla’s Breastplate with Foam and Worbla Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

How to make Camilla’s Breastplate [Fire Emblem] Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay. Header image credit to AllieCat and Lafeetz Photography. L200 Foam and Black Worbla sponsored by CosplaySupplies Make a Tape Pattern over your body and cut directly down the middle and back (getting assistance so as to not cut yourself upon removal). Cut out breast Read More

Camilla Axe Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay Header photo credits to AllieCat Cosplay & Lafeetz Photography Make a paper pattern drawing out the details you need and make it to scale for your own person. Transfer the larger portion of the blades to two ½ inch L200 foam sheets leaving ½ inch at the connecting point. Cut out Read More