Camilla Axe Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay

Header photo credits to AllieCat Cosplay & Lafeetz Photography

Make a paper pattern drawing out the details you need and make it to scale for your own person.

Transfer the larger portion of the blades to two ½ inch L200 foam sheets leaving ½ inch at the connecting point.

Cut out your paper details and use as a stencil for your smaller details for your axe.

Glue the ½ inch “butt” of the blade with two more pieces on top and sand to shape.

Score and dremel the smaller details, gluing down with contact cement.

Stack and Glue 4 sheets of EVA for the blade connector leaving a hole where the blade connectors will rest inside. Slide the PVC through the middle connector.

Stack, glue and dremel EVA to shape around the PVC for the Tip of the Axe.

Carefully heat and wrap both sides of the axe blade with Black Worbla.

Use 4-5 layers of wood glue on the Black Worbla to create a smooth surface for painting.

Continue to wrap foam around the PVC Pipe.

Heat your Black Worbla and drape over the Axe tip. Slowly heat and pinch Worbla around the small connecting points.

Pinch Worbla details to shape and cut off excess material off.

Should the seams pull apart heat Worbla and pinch together with a small tweezer tool.

Cut pipe in half and use a PVC connector so that you can break the axe down in two for travel.

Wood Glue on entirety of Black Worbla.

Wrap the hilt with upholstery foam and fabric of choice and airbrush/paint to your liking.

Paint axe and shade/weather details so they stand out for photos.


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