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Monster Hunter Build: Comparing L200 and EVA Foam

Photo credit: Noir13 We asked seasoned foamsmith, Spectra Cosplay to test drive our L200 Foam and compare it to EVA foam since we get a lot of questions on how to apply the different materials to cosplay. We sent him enough foam to create his Gore Magala Monster Hunter armor! Here’s a summary of what Read More

Camilla Armored Shoe Cover Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

How to Make Camilla’s Armored Shoe Covers Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay. Photography credits to AllieCat Cosplay and Lafeetz Photography. Start with a comfortable shoe. Cover shoe with plastic wrap to protect shoe. Cover shoe with packing tape. Draw on details with marker. Cut out sections of the armor from that pattern. Create a ½ inch Read More

Camilla’s Breastplate with Foam and Worbla Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

How to make Camilla’s Breastplate [Fire Emblem] Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay. Header image credit to AllieCat and Lafeetz Photography. L200 Foam and Black Worbla sponsored by CosplaySupplies Make a Tape Pattern over your body and cut directly down the middle and back (getting assistance so as to not cut yourself upon removal). Cut out breast Read More

Camilla Axe Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay Header photo credits to AllieCat Cosplay & Lafeetz Photography Make a paper pattern drawing out the details you need and make it to scale for your own person. Transfer the larger portion of the blades to two ½ inch L200 foam sheets leaving ½ inch at the connecting point. Cut out Read More

2018 Photo Contest Community Vote

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Cosplay Supplies Banner Photo Contest 2018

Pictured: 2017 Grand Prize Winner Enayla Cosplay photographed by Al Lin 1 Photographer Another year of awesome cosplay creativity is almost behind us, and it’s time for our annual Photo Contest! Like last year, there’s a slew of great prizes, including a feature (homepage, social media, and other promotional material), rolls of Worbla, foam, and Read More

Worbla’s Pearly Art Scales Dragon Bracer Tutorial

Tutorial by Bamzy Cosplay Worbla’s Pearly Art Scales The next member of the Worbla family is Worbla’s Pearly Art Scales! These scales apply and act in the same way the Pearly Art Worbla does when applied with heat and used on foam or with other Worbla products. They become soft and malleable, can attach themselves to Read More

Saragosa Dragon Crown with L200 Foam and Worbla

Tutorial by Jenna Elise Cosplay Materials needed: – L200 Foam – Worbla (Black and Crystal Art) – Drawing paper – Insulation Foam – Pins – Sandpaper – Utility knife – Duct Tape – Sharpie – Scissors – Wood Burning Tool – Plasti Dip – Wax Paper – Fairy Lights (or whatever LED’s you choose) – Read More

Magma Lux Shoulder Armour using L200 and LED Foam

Tutorial by: Puppichu Cosplay In this tutorial I’ll go over how to make Magma Lux’s shoulder armour from League of Legends. This armour piece will feature animated LED lights, and also be separable for travel. Remember to always use proper safety equipment such as safety glasses, respirators, gloves, ear protection, ventilation, and cutting mats while Read More

Drow Elf Armor Tutorial with Worbla and L200 Foam

Tutorial by Sayakat Cosplay Photo credits: Professional photos by @S1_price_lightworks on instagram, Non-professional progress and costume pictures by myself The armor for this costume was created using Worbla and L200 foam sponsored from, and other materials. Each piece was a combination of materials as per the needs of each piece. Materials Used: Roll of half inch Read More

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