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Camilla’s Breastplate with Foam and Worbla Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

How to make Camilla’s Breastplate [Fire Emblem] Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay. Header image credit to AllieCat and Lafeetz Photography. L200 Foam and Black Worbla sponsored by CosplaySupplies Make a Tape Pattern over your body and cut directly down the middle and back (getting assistance so as to not cut yourself upon removal). Cut out breast Read More

Camilla Axe Tutorial [Fire Emblem]

Tutorial by AllieCat Cosplay Header photo credits to AllieCat Cosplay & Lafeetz Photography Make a paper pattern drawing out the details you need and make it to scale for your own person. Transfer the larger portion of the blades to two ½ inch L200 foam sheets leaving ½ inch at the connecting point. Cut out Read More

Saragosa Dragon Crown with L200 Foam and Worbla

Tutorial by Jenna Elise Cosplay Materials needed: – L200 Foam – Worbla (Black and Crystal Art) – Drawing paper – Insulation Foam – Pins – Sandpaper – Utility knife – Duct Tape – Sharpie – Scissors – Wood Burning Tool – Plasti Dip – Wax Paper – Fairy Lights (or whatever LED’s you choose) – Read More

Drow Elf Armor Tutorial with Worbla and L200 Foam

Tutorial by Sayakat Cosplay Photo credits: Professional photos by @S1_price_lightworks on instagram, Non-professional progress and costume pictures by myself The armor for this costume was created using Worbla and L200 foam sponsored from, and other materials. Each piece was a combination of materials as per the needs of each piece. Materials Used: Roll of half inch Read More

New Pattern from McCalls using Worbla!

The Cosplay by McCall’s line has been creating some fantastic resources for cosplayers looking for patterns that require less modifications to create the outlandish styles found in Anime, Video Games and Manga. Their collection includes lolita inspired school uniforms, video game fighters, bases for your next Sakizo, evil queen gowns, and viking warriors. They recently Read More

Showgirl Headpiece Tutorial using Varaform and Worbla

Tutorial by Vickybunnyangel Showgirl headpieces are traditionally created using a custom soldered wire frame to provide the skeletal structure that all those fantastic feathers, rhinestones and fabric attach to. I’m assuming Showgirls must have amazing neck and shoulder muscles, because the weight of these things could get ridiculous the more lavish they are. No wonder Read More

Introducing two new products: Worbla’s Deco Art and Crystal Art!

We’re so excited to announce two new products to our lineup from Worbla: Deco Art and Crystal Art. Worbla’s Deco Art is actually an older product – similar to friendly plastic, Deco Art was always too cost prohibitive to import to North America, but recent changes in packaging and shipping options means we can now Read More

Interview with Meesha / Kyuu Vixen Cosplay from Cosplay Melee!

We were lucky to interview Meesha of Kyuu Vixen Cosplay about her episode of Cosplay Melee and talk a bit about the experience! Your dragon was such a great idea, and I loved the way you built up layers with Worbla and Foam. Have you used Worbla on other projects? What are you most proud Read More

Interview with Jacqueline Goehner from Cosplay Melee!

We had the chance to interview Jacqueline Goehneron her experience with Cosplay Melee and her work as a Cosplayer! First of all, congrats on your episode and being chosen for Cosplay Melee! Your work is always wonderful and it was a treat to see you work ‘live’. Awe!!! Thank you so much! It was such Read More

FoamWerks cutting tools!

FoamWerks sent us their Deluxe FoamWerks kit to test on Worbla, so we gave it to Amanda (Elemental Photography and Design) and Vicky (Vickybunnyangel Cosplay) to run the set through the paces of cutting Worbla, EVA foam and Sintra. You can see the tests they did live on Twitch here, starting at the 1h13 mark! Read More

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